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VE will launch projects to provide accessible solutions for education of the visually impaired.



According to the 2011 Census of India, there are more than 11 lakh visually impaired children in the age group 5-19, 68% of whom attend school, 11.5% have dropped out of school and 20.5% have never attended school. The challenges of education for visually impaired students in India include their large numbers, dispersed distribution, diversity of languages in the country, and education systems across vernacular mediums. Of the visually impaired children that attend school, very few pursue Science and Mathematics beyond seventh grade. There are significant barriers for the visually impaired to pursue Science and Mathematics based courses in India, mainly due to unavailability of simple and effective ways to present mathematical notations comprising of equations, diagrams, and other complex interpretations to the student. Apart from lack of appropriate technology aids for teaching Mathematics and Science, there is also a dearth of teachers in who can train these students on the usage of available technologies.


Vision Empower (VE), incubated at IIITB Innovation Center, Bangalore, is a Not-for-Profit enterprise which will address the problems of inadequate focus on Science and Mathematics in schools for the visually impaired. Team VE aims to make it possible for visually impaired students to pursue the study of Science and Mathematics, with accessibility to content almost on-par with their sighted peers. The motivation for this initiative came from Vidhya Y, a gold medalist in Masters in Digital Society programme at IIITB, who has been visually impaired since birth. Overcoming her immense challenges, she excelled in academics with her grit and determination. She was the first blind student to take a Computer Science major in undergraduate studies in her university. It is her dream that no visually impaired child should. be denied the opportunity to study Science and Mathematics, if they wish to. The VE team will launch projects to provide accessible solutions for education of the visually impaired.

In this initiative, she is joined by Supriya Dey. Supriya has extensive experience designing and managing large IT projects in the industry and research projects at IIITB and IIMB. After 26 years of pursuing a career as an engineer and manager, she completed a research degree at IIITB in IT and Society, to pursue her academic interests. She is also a volunteer teacher at a school for blind children since the past 2 years.

Amit Prakash, a faculty member at IIITB with interests in ICT and Development (ICTD) works closely with Vidhya and Supriya on this initiative Amit has prior experience in consulting and design on public policy and eGovernance projects in India and presently acts as the Convener of Centre for IT and Public Policy at IIITB.

Abhijeet Bharadwaj, a final-year student of IIITB’s interdisciplinary M.Sc. (Digital Society) programme is presently working as an intern at Vision Empower, contributing actively to ground research, analysis and technology design for its projects.

Our Vision

To empower visually impaired children through inclusive education.

Our Mission

VE will make Science and Mathematics accessible to school-going children with visual impairment, at par with that of their sighted peers.

The Pilot Project

Vision Empower will address the needs of content creation for middle school and high school students studying Science and Mathematics in schools for the visually impaired.


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Ongoing Research Projects

  • Design of a framework for creating durable sensor based 3D models for teaching of Science.
  • Design of a text to speech reader which can be used by the students for referring to any printed material in English and later in local languages.
  • Design of a refreshable tactile display for displaying essential diagrams in Mathematics and Science text books.
  • Design of a diagram to speech reader which can be integrated with the book reader to help the blind student comprehend the associated diagrams.

Student Reference Material

  • Content of Science and Mathematics textbooks for middle and high school students in accessible formats, such as Braille and e-book (audio/text)
  • Tactile diagrams and models for comprehension of Science and Math concepts.
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Supriya Dey has an experience of more than two decades in the software industry in multiple technology firms, and in institutes of higher education. She has been a research associate in multiple research projects at IIM Bangalore and IIIT Bangalore. She was the Chief Manager for the Center for Software and IT Management at IIM Bangalore between 2009 and 2012. She has a research degree in IT & Society .

Supriya Dey

Vidhya Y is a topper and gold medallist in Masters in Digital society from IIIT, Bangalore in 2017. She has interned at Microsoft Research India and executed projects at IIITB in collaboration with various research labs. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Applications from Christ University, Bangalore.

Vidhya Y

Abhijeet Bharadwaj is pursuing M.Sc. In Digital Society from IIIT Bangalore and passionate about building a career in user experience Research and design. He has a B.Tech degree in Instrumentation and Control from Bharati Vidyapeeth college of Engineering, New Delhi (GGSIPU).

Abhijeet Bharadwaj


Amit Prakash is an Associate Professor at the International Institute of Information Technology Bangalore (IIITB). At IIITB, he is also the Convenor of the Centre for IT and Public Policy and is in the core team of the E-Health Research Centre

Prof. Amit Prakash

Dr. Srikanth obtained his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Cornell University in 1986, and has a B.Tech (Mech. Eng) from the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras. He has over 28 years of experience in the software industry.

Prof. T K Srikanth

Madhav Rao completed his Masters in Microelectronics from University of Arkansas in 2007 and Ph.D in Electrical Engineering from the University of Alabama in 2012.

Prof. Madhav Rao


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