Supriya Dey

Suprya Dey

After meeting Vidhya at IIITB in 2014, I was inspired to work with blind students since 2015. As a volunteer at a school for children with visual impairments, I am more a friend of both the children and the teachers, than a teacher myself. I came across many students who enjoy Math and Science, but are deprived of an adequate system of teaching. Therefore, Vidhya’s wish to develop workable solutions to address this gap became my life’s mission. My research interests in the area of IT policies for education and those for differently abled children made this the ideal work for me to undertake.

Supriya has been employed in the IT industry for more than two decades in firms such as Wipro Technologies, Lucent Technologies and Alcatel Lucent and was the Chief Manager for the Center for Software and IT Management, IIM Bangalore. She has a BTech in Computer Science and Technology from IIEST, Shibpur and a Masters by Research in IT & Society from IIITB.