Ananda is a Sanskrit word which literally means bliss or happiness.

Studies show that when students are provided joyful learning environments and experiences, there is marked improvement in engagement, motivation, and learning outcomes.

With the learning from these pilot engagements, Ananda was planned to be delivered to 10 schools for the academic year 2020-21.

With the COVID-19 pandemic disrupting the entire education system, most institutions have made online classes mandatory. This is a huge challenge for students with visual impairment, especially from rural India or economically backward families. VE research team is working on a pilot to provide more accessible delivery mechanisms to children across the country. The sessions include storytelling and game sessions. VE works with children for after school and out of school programs. We welcome volunteers who wish to join us in this journey.

Thank you dear volunteers!

We are very thankful to the VE volunteers who worked with students of Grade 5 on Science and Mathbigatics concepts throughout an entire academic year 2018-19, over weekends.

Our previous assessment-free engagements with students through various intervention programs such as Anubhav and Computational Thinking game sessions have also received very encouraging response.

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    Current Online Engagements

    VE facilitators revised the Science and Math concepts from the student’s previous grade to reinforce their learning so that the children are prepared for school when it reopens. It is mostly an interactive session in which concepts are discussed with the students over a conference call or through an online platform, combined with different mode…
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    Stories play a vital role in the growth and development of children. They are a useful source of information and children appreciate that good reading skills and knowledge are important for success in their future lives. Reading helps children boost their confidence levels, cope with feelings, develop language skills and learn concepts related to Science…
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    The COVID19 pandemic has forced us to adapt to a new way of work and life, like many other businesses and educational institutes. Recognizing the need to continue the program, our VE facilitators who played the CT games with children by regularly visiting their schools through the academic year 2019-20, have quickly adapted some of…
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    Volunteers from Sitara – a group of bright young college goers passionate about societal needs – are helping students of Grade 10, who requested Vision Empower for help, after the school hours for Science and Mathematics concepts.


    IIITB volunteers were actively involved in the Confluence 2020 organized by I-STEM, VE, Vision Aid and XRCVC to highlight the need to develop awareness in the information technology industry and academia about the capabilities of visually impaired programmers and provide the necessary accommodations, so that they may not be denied the opportunity to pursue their chosen occupations.

    To know more about this event, click here.

    Here are some images from the STEM Confluence 2020:

    Our Volunteers

    Volunteers have been involved in giving shape to many of the artifacts which are created at Vision Empower such as Teachers Instruction Kits, Subodha Content, teaching and guiding students with Science and Maths etc. We have KPIT volunteers, who were involved in uploading content in Subodha. OMEGA volunteers were involved in teaching students. IIIT volunteers were involved in many activities right from the beginning with creating the Vision Empower process to giving a structure to the Subodha portal and so on

    Sitara Team

    Project Sitara Foundation is a student-led non-for-profit organisation working in the space of education. They aim to provide underprivileged children with meaningful education to help them become self-sufficient by inculcating 21st century skills in them.

    The Vision Empower team is elated to have passionate volunteers from Sitara! This energetic group of young and conscientious citizens are sharing their knowledge on STEM subjects with students with visual impairment by collaborating with the educational co-ordinators at VE. Together we are confident of moving closer to our goal of high-quality inclusive STEM education!

    Vision Empower conducted two online trainings for volunteers from Sitara. Nandini, Sylvia and Supriya conducted these sessions to explain the process of content creation and teaching methods used by VE. The volunteers are well versed with STEM concepts. They were provided the background knowledge on activities of VE and the needs of students with visual impairment.

    Rohit Vasishta

    Sruthy S

    Srushti Jayaramu

    Shriya Shankar

    Ananya Veeraraghavan

    Samartha S

    Shivani Iyer

    Karthik Yadavalli

    Nikhil Jain

    Taanika Shankar

    Hasmita Monnappa

    Shimoni Jain

    Aparna Gopalakrishnan

    Shayarneel Kundu

    Devyani Tuli


    Other Volunteers
    Venkatesh Deshpande

    Venkatesh Deshpande

    Venkatesh holds a Graduate Degree in Arts, has a great aptitude to learn and carries a very positive attitude. He is well versed with computer basics, MS Office, MS excel and internet. Currently, he is working as a teacher in Belaku Academy and a volunteer with VE.



    Rachana holds a Post Graduate Degree in Education from Azim Premji University with a focus area of teacher professional development and graduate degree in Civil Engineering from G.B. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology. She has worked with migrant children and Nayi Taleem facilitators as a part of her coursework and internship. Her research interest is in primary mathematics concepts, civic values and education, inclusive education, Nayi Taleem and sustainability in education.

    Jainam Sunil Kumar Bhavasar

    Jainam Sunil Kumar Bhavasar

    Jainam is a student at IIT Kanpur currently working in Android development and huge interest in creating software that solves societal problems.

    Currently, he is developing a Story Reader App on Android phone.

    Volunteer Stories

    Here we share stories and experiences from our volunteers. If you are a volunteer and would like to share your experience, do write and let us know.


    The teachers training program, Pragya 2019, conducted on the 26th, 27th and 28th of June, served as a platform for many science and math teachers in the state to come together for 3 days of learning and fun. The event offered an opportunity for teachers to brush up their skills, learn through the experiences of other teachers in the group, and also get to know one another closely, creating a community that enables its members to learn from one another.

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