Becoming friends with Helen Keller via Hexis!

HexisA comprehension reading activity was conducted by Vision Empower with students from The Karnataka Welfare Association For Blind (KWAB) on the occasion of Helen Keller Day. The students were divided into two groups for the reading activity. The first set of students were taken to a classroom where the VE coordinators handed the Hexis device to each one of them.

Proceeding with this, they introduced the device’s operational objectives along with clear step-by-step instructions on how to use the same. Following the instructions of the VE team, the students were made to parse through the device to access the Helen Keller story.

The students thoroughly enjoyed reading the story about Helen Keller using their hands to read from the refreshable braille device. They read the story out loud together and moved from one line to the next as instructed.

After the reading, each student was asked a question from the passage they read to test their understanding. The students enthusiastically answered the questions and showed keen interest to read more such inspiring stories on the Hexis device.

Going ahead, the same activity was performed with the second set of students.