Accessible Computer Science Fall Workshop : White paper

Supriya from Vision Empower took part in the "Accessible Computer Science Fall Workshop" Nov 17, 2020 - Nov 19 2020 on "Using research to make Computer Science education accessible to all learners" organized by Microsoft, University of Washington, and University of Colorado, Boulder. The whitepaper, Reimagining Accessibility and Inclusion in K12 Computer Science Education Through Curriculum and Professional Development was an outcome of this workshop.

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ICTD2020: Conceptual Learning through Accessible Play: Project Torino and Computational Thinking for Blind Children in India

Project Torino is a physical programming environment designed for teaching computational thinking to children in schools in the UK, regardless of the level of vision. We introduced project Torino to children in three schools for the blind in Bangalore, India as a toy for playing with songs, rhymes, and stories. We present the results of 103 semi-structured play sessions spread over three months with 12 children (2 girls, 10 boys) with diverse backgrounds.

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