Christ University Volunteers

Being students of social sciences, there is no better practice than service learning which facilitates learning through meaningful community service. Service learning is a pedagogy that aims to enable us students to enrich our learning by integrating our theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

As part of our service learning program, our group had the privilege to engage with ‘Vision Empower’. Knowing the insightful vision of the trust and all the wonderful works it has done for the visually-impaired community and for the society as a whole, helped us realize that we are at the best place for our session of service learning. Working with ‘Vision empower’ helped us to broaden our perspectives and reflect better on the variations in each of our living conditions. We were able to observe and learn from the experienced members of Vision Empower. Their dedication and professionalism displayed through the organization and its services are much inspiring for younger generations like ours.

The covid-19 pandemic has changed all our lives drastically. Even though the pandemic has restrained us from directly engaging with the VE team, we are extremely honoured to associate with them online, for the good cause. We could extend our tiny bits of contributions in the form of services like tactile diagrams, translations, webinar transcription works etc. We got an opportunity to know more about the challenges faced by the visually impaired people in various aspects of life. Working with Vision Empower and the team shaped our learning to be more meaningful and beneficial.