Digital Literacy

Digital Literacy is as essential for teachers and students with blindness across the globe, as it is for the non-visually impaired. Unfortunately, there has been less focus on ensuring Digital Literacy among persons with visual impairment, though it has been found to improve their quality of life significantly. Vision Empower has embarked on a project along with Microsoft India to create a Digital Literacy curriculum for students and teachers with visual impairment. The feedback from teachers has been overwhelmingly positive. The tutorials are created by Vidhya Y, founder of Vision Empower, based on the extensive research she has performed to bring the much needed knowledge to the fingertips of anyone with blindness who needs them.

Topic 1: How to download any app from Play Store (Kannada)

Topic 2 : Google Meet (Kannada)

Introduction to Google Meet
Features of Google Meet – Part 1
Features of Google Meet – Part 2

Topic 3: Be My Eyes App (Kannada)

Introduction to Be My Eyes App

Creation of account and sign up

Settings of Be My Eyes app

Features of Be My Eyes app

Topic 4 : Updating any App from Playstore (Kannada)

Topic 5: Google Text to Speech (Kannada)

Introduction to Google Text to Speech
Google Text To Speech Setting
Google Text To Speech Installing Voice Data

Google Text To Speech Other Settings

Google Text To Speech Reading Kannada messages