Play Plan : Game Birthday

General Information

Numeracy concept: Time
Materials: None
Prerequisites: Familiarity with numbers, days and months
Number of players: 2 or more

Game Overview and Basic Rules for Play

The objective of this game is to understand the pattern and sequence in days, weeks and months in a year along with the concept of before, after and in between the numbers.

Play Session plans

Guess my birthday

  • Begin by reciting all the months of the year in the form of song or just in a rhythm. Discuss that for each month, we can assign a number starting from number 1 for January, 2 for February and so on.
  • The first player gives a clue related to his/her birthday. This game can be demonstrated between the facilitators first with their birthdays and the children can observe. Inform that they should try to give their answers quickly. (This happens only when the children are very familiar with the months)
  • Clues can be given in the following way:
    Clue 1: I was born in a month which begins with letter A.
    Other players need to guess the month. So, answers should be April and August.
    Clue 2: My birthday is not in August. Which month is my birthday?
    The children who answer April get next clue.
    Clue 3: My birthday is in the first week of April. What is the birthday date?
    Answers can range between 1 and 7. If they tell any number higher than 7, they’re out. Those who tell any date in the range of 1 to 7 go to next round.
    Clue 4: My birthday is after 2nd April and before 4th April
    Whoever answers 3rd April wins. All can win!
  • In between a few questions can be added such as “Do you know anyone in your family or friends whose birthday falls on the same month?” and/or “How many people have their birthday on the same month?”
  • The game can be extended by including a fifth clue to guess the day of the week by asking “my birthday falls on a day before Sunday or a day between Tuesday and Thursday. The facilitator needs to find out if children are aware of the day their birthday falls on that particular year.
  • Summarise the entire session by asking the following questions:
    Whose birthday comes first?
    Whose birthday is closest now?
    Whose birthday is next?
    What day of the week is each one’s birthday?