Vision Empower has been providing learning resources to many blind schools across Karnataka since 2018. These are the materials which have been helpful in teaching Science and Mathematics concepts in the classroom. These resources are curriculum-relevant and support students in the learning process by allowing them to explore the knowledge independently as well as providing repetition.

Apart from classroom materials, VE also provides knowledge enhancement and concept reinforcement practice content for visually impaired students of all grades on our online accessible open source Learning Management System, Subodha. The platform also provides Teacher Instruction Kits from Vision Empower and aggregates other helpful resources for teachers in partnership with XRCVC, Mumbai. Tutorials for Maths, Science and Digital Literacy are made available on the Vision Empower YouTube channel.

The following learning resources are created/recommended/provided by VE.

Computational Thinking Games

See the various Computational Thinking Games, play plans for each and skills & key learning indicators acquired through playing the games here

Digital Resources

Digital Literacy
Digital Literacy is as essential for teachers and students with blindness across the globe, as it is for the non-visually impaired. Unfortunately, there has been less focus on ensuring Digital Literacy among persons with visual impairment, though it has been found to improve their quality of life significantly. Vision Empower has embarked on a project along with Microsoft India to create a Digital Literacy curriculum for students and teachers with visual impairment. The feedback from teachers has been overwhelmingly positive. The tutorials are created by Vidhya Y, founder of Vision Empower, based on the extensive research she has performed to bring the much needed knowledge to the fingertips of anyone with blindness who needs them.

Topic 1: How to download any app from Play Store (Kannada)

Topic 2 : Google Meet (Kannada)

Introduction to Google Meet
Features of Google Meet – Part 1
Features of Google Meet – Part 2

Topic 3: Be My Eyes App (Kannada)

Introduction to Be My Eyes App
Creation of account and sign up
Settings of Be My Eyes app

Features of Be My Eyes app

Topic 4 : Updating any App from Playstore (Kannada)

Topic 5: Google Text to Speech (Kannada)

Introduction to Google Text to Speech
Google Text To Speech Setting
Google Text To Speech Installing Voice Data
Google Text To Speech Other Settings
Google Text To Speech Reading Kannada messages
Digital Books

(downloadable links)
Link to XRCVC
NAB Delhi


Subodha is an accessible Learning Management System created by Vision Empower. It was created to make Science and Mathematics interesting and inclusive for persons with visual impairment.

To register with Subodha, please fill in the registration form here.
(A registration form will be provided for any user to fill-in before he/she starts using the Subodha portal)

Teacher Instruction Kits (TIKs)

Teacher Instruction Kits for Maths and Science, created by the VE team (in collaboration with XRCVC), are reviewed by experienced pedagogic experts and special educators following the Vision Empower process. TIKs are provided chapter wise and grade wise to assist the teacher in teaching children with visual impairment. VE facilitators are always willing to support the teachers throughout the academic year to clarify any doubts and improvise on the kits.

Click below to access the chapters.
Grade 3

Tactile Diagrams (TD)

Do-it-yourself (DIY) instructions for TD

Tactile graphics are non-textual information to people who are blind or visually impaired and include tactile representations of pictures, maps, graphs, diagrams, and other images.

Given below are some links which will help caregivers or instructors make Science and Math related diagrams at home by following the steps.

Spatial Understanding

Parts of a Plant

Water Cycle

Different types of Beaks of Birds

Tactile Diagram procured from Raised Line Foundation (RLF)

RLF provides tactile design and production services and is closely working with NCERT, Sarv Shiksha Abhiyaan (Govt. of India), WSSCC (UN organization) and other organization working in the field of blindness to convert textbooks, resource books, manual etc. in accessible formats along with the tactile diagrams.

Vision Empower procures high quality tactile diagrams from RLF for school students and teachers based on their specific requirements. In 2018-19, VE placed orders for specific diagrams to be designed for the EVS book for Class 5 prescribed by the Karnataka State Board. These diagrams were very useful during the pilot phase to evaluate the process of diagram comprehension by children with blindness. In 2019-20, VE evaluated the use of RLF diagrams to be used for TAG (Tactile Audio Gallery) to help children with blindness to self-learn. In 2020-21, VE has procured Science tactile diagrams for students in Grade 10.

Pictures of materials we received from RLF

Tactile Diagrams created by Tactograph

Tactograph, a product from Enability Foundation enables the printing of tactile books and worksheets at an affordable price. It is a motorized x-y stage that traces a predefined picture using an adhesive fluid, creating a tactile image on a normal A4 sized paper.

To make this printing process user friendly a Graphical User Interface (GUI) is developed with image recognition algorithm. This algorithm helps the teacher to print the tactile image in just four mouse clicks. VE and Enability collaborate to create tactile diagrams for Science and Math, to meet the needs of teachers and children in schools for the blind in Karnataka.

Few pictures of TDs created using Tactograph 


DIY instructions for models

Vision Empower works with teachers at schools to create and provide instructions for creation of specific tactile models requested for by teachers.
Early Years Tactile Resources

3-D printed models

VE procures 3D printed models from various vendors such as RLF to meet the needs of teachers at schools for the blind. VE is also working on a project to automated the creation of 3D printed models based on inputs from text book diagrams.

Pictures of 3-d printed models with description

Vividha models – Handmade

VE is happy to provide schools with high quality hand-made models from Vividha Trust.
Pictures with description

XRCVC sourced models

VE is happy to provide schools with resources from leading STEM education resource provider for persons with visual impairment, XRCVC, Mumbai.

Class-wise models


Mathruchhaya and VE collaboration

VE and Mathruchhaya collaborate on ensuring that Science and Mathematics Braille books are made for all students in Karnataka. In 2018-19 and 2019-20, the two teams collaborated to create meaningful content for the books which also contain tactile diagrams and Alternative text where the diagrams are not provided. The Braille Transcription Center at the Canara Bank Welfare Association, Banashankari, prints these books. VE educational co-ordinators in collaboration with school teachers proof read the books and ensure the children and teachers with blindness are provided the books during the academic year.

Science and Mathematics teachers are provided the Braille text books which are specially designed for their students and themselves, if they are blind. For the first time in the country, the teachers have Science and Mathematics books and they are excited to explore the same. Along with the books, VE provides the teachers with manuals to help them to teach the foundational concepts and text book content to their students. (Show pics of Braille text books and how teachers are teaching them from the books)

Digital books – (Link connects to Digital Books under Digital Resources)

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