Mathruchhaya and VE collaboration

VE and Mathruchhaya collaborate on ensuring that Science and Mathematics Braille books are made for all students in Karnataka. In 2018-19 and 2019-20, the two teams collaborated to create meaningful content for the books which also contain tactile diagrams and Alternative text where the diagrams are not provided. The Braille Transcription Center at the Canara Bank Welfare Association, Banashankari, prints these books. VE educational co-ordinators in collaboration with school teachers proof read the books and ensure the children and teachers with blindness are provided the books during the academic year.

Science and Mathematics teachers are provided the Braille text books which are specially designed for their students and themselves, if they are blind. For the first time in the country, the teachers have Science and Mathematics books and they are excited to explore the same. Along with the books, VE provides the teachers with manuals to help them to teach the foundational concepts and text book content to their students. (Show pics of Braille text books and how teachers are teaching them from the books)

Digital books – (Link connects to Digital Books under Digital Resources)