Play Plan : Musical Numbers

General Information

General Information
Prerequisites: Counting
Number of players: 6-8

Game Overview and Basic Rules for Play

The objective of the game is to say the numbers in a sequence and then remember, repeat the sounds of different animals in the same sequence.
The game starts by saying the numbers in a sequence, music would be played in the back ground, and children would continue saying the numbers. When the music stops, the player who last said the number would be the one who has to make a sound of any animal, and then whoever is next that player has to repeat the earlier sound and add one more animal sound to it and so on.
Whoever remembers and repeats most of the sounds in the same sequence as done by the players, is the winner.

Play Session Plans:

Session 1:

  • Each child has to say a number and those numbers should be in a sequence, for example: Ravi will say 1 and then Raj will say 2 and then the next child will say 3 and so on.
  • Teacher can tell the order in the first round, before starting the game, as who is next and then the children can continue.
  • As they are saying the numbers, music would be played in the background.
  • When the music stops, the last player who has said a number would be the one who has to make a sound of an animal.
  • Then again the music would be played and game would continue; next when the music stops the player has to repeat the previous animal sound and add his part and so on.
  • The player who doesn’t remember the correct sequence would be out from the game.
  • The game continues , and they player who remembers most of the sequence of animal sounds wins the game.

Session 2:

  • Ask the children if they remember the game.
  • If there are any students who were absent from the previous session, ask other children (who are familiar with the game) to explain what the game is all about.
  • When you think the children are clear about the rules, start playing. This time, the teacher would only observe the game and help only where it is absolutely necessary. Allow the children to figure out on their own.
  • Play 2-3 rounds to make children familiar with the game.