Online Pragya – Delhi VICT Teacher Training Report

Vision Empower, in collaboration with Saksham, conducted the first Pragya VICT Teacher Training intervention for teachers of two special schools for the blind in New Delhi on 25th June and 26th June, 2021. A total of 30 teachers attended this training. The objective of the training was to get introduced to the schools, share the VICT Project details, VE experiences and play VICT games with the Teachers.

The first day of the training started with a brief introduction to the two-day training program by Piyush Chanana, CEO of Raised Line Foundation and member of the Saksham team. a talk by Dr. Swami Manohar, Principal Researcher Microsoft India on importance of games and Ludic Design for Accessibility, followed by a welcome address by the founder of Saksham, Mr. Dipendra Manocha.
The first session was a detailed presentation about the VICT (Computational Thinking for persons with Visual Impairment) project and frameworks followed by VE to create the CT syllabus. These include the Expanded Core Curriculum (ECC), the 5E model of learning, Universal Design for Learning and the Ludic Design for Accessibility. Along with this, the traceability matrix of Key Learning Areas, the game applications for each learning area in the games, play plan structure, materials to play online games and the indicators for assessment of learning were introduced.
The session was followed by various games with the teachers. Example games were chosen from each game category i.e. ice breaker, card games, music and memory, Jodogyan games, board games, pebbles games, and spatial games. Each session was followed with a debrief of the Key Learning Areas which can be internalized by players through the game and how learning can be a joyous time instead of a disciplined chore.

On the second day, more VICT games were played with the teachers and Jojo blocks (Braille Factor Blocks), designed by RLF, were introduced by their designer. Teachers also shared how they cover a particular conceptual area at school on online with the children they currently engage with.

This two-day program was a sharing and learning journey of both VE team and the teachers. Teachers shared that they enjoyed the trip down memory lane and were very interactive and enthusiastic and shared their experiences. They also demonstrated various games played by the, and materials used to teach the children, and VE assured them that their contributions will help benefit underprivileged children with visual impairment.
VE looks forward to more such experiences and sharing sessions with the teachers.