Play Plan : Patterns

General Information:

Numeracy concept: Patterns and Sorting
Materials: 2-3 different varieties of pebbles or block or any items with different texture (they should not be very small or round), 2-3 bowls and 1 flat tray
Prerequisites: Counting
Number of players: 2 or more

Game Overview and Basic Rules for Play:

The objective of this game is to form the pattern instructed by the facilitator or another player within a given time. Then the number of pebbles are counted and dropped back to their respective bowls.

Play Session

  • Keep the 2 different varieties of blocks/pebbles in separate bowls. Keep the tray in front of the player.
  • Allow children to explore and understand the difference between the two types of blocks/pebbles. Call the bowl on their left as A and the one on their right as B.
  • The facilitator calls out a pattern starting with the simplest one. For example, AB-AB-AB. Set a timer and after the “start” signal from the facilitator, children start forming pattern on the tray or table. A background music can be played.
  • After 2-3 minutes, the facilitator would stop the music and give a “stop” signal. Allow children to check if the pattern they have formed is correct or not. Let them count the total number of pebbles laid on the table or tray. Clear the tray by putting the blocks/pebbles back into their respective bowls.
  • This game can continue with different pattern combination like AAB and ABB.
  • Once children are thorough with all kinds of pattern by A and B, introduce another type of block/pebble. Identify that as C. Instruct them to make patterns like ABC/ ABCC/ABBC.
  • Encourage children to form their own pattern and share with the group. Clap for everyone for playing and understanding the game so well.