Pragya January 2020

Pragya-2020-Vision-EmpowerA two day Teachers’ training workshop Pragya’2020 was organized by Vision Empower, in collaboration with Mathruchhaya- Canara Bank Relief & Welfare Society on 28th and 29th of January. The workshop was attended by 13 teachers from 8 schools for children with visual impairment. Out of 13 teachers who attended the workshop, 10 teachers were blind.

The workshop was focused on providing teachers support in innovative pedagogy of Mathematics and Science instruction for the visually impaired of Karnataka State Board 4th, 5th and 6th standard. Hands on experience, teaching materials, and tactile diagrams were provided to the teachers. For some of the teachers, it was their first time touching a model of a human skeleton or making an electric circuit.

Geometry Kit TrainingAbacus and Nemeth code were also dealt with in the training to clear some doubts on how to use them for topics covered in the training. A session on Geometry formed an important part of the program seeing the importance of the concept in Mathematics and difficulty teachers faced in classroom in dealing with them due to lack of material. After the session, teachers were able to make some geometrical figures and were happy to learn more and take these to their schools.

A review of Science and Math Braille textbook was done by the teachers and feedback was provided to content creators at Mathruchayya. They were happy about the diagrams in the Braille textbook. Some card games were played with the teachers and were encouraged to use the method in numeracy instruction.

The online Vision Empower Learning Management system SUBODHA was introduced to the teachers that they can use for content and pedagogical support and reference. Vision empower intends to handhold the teachers and provide further support.

Pragya-2020 by Vision-Empower

Snapshots from Pragya 2019

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