ASSETS ’19: The 21st International ACM SIGACCESS Conference on Computers and Accessibility

Computational Thinking as Play: Experiences of Children who are Blind or Low Vision in India

Authors: Gesu India (MSR India), Geetha Ramakrishna (Vision Empower), Jyoti Bisht (Vision Empower), Manohar Swaminathan (MSR India)

ICT Trends : United Nations Asian and Pacific Training Centre for Information and Communication Technology for Development (APCICT) created for inter-governmental organizations

ICT Trends: Chap 3. Assistive technologies

CodeTalk: Improving Programming Environment Accessibility for Visually Impaired Developers

By Venkatesh Potluri Microsoft Research India, Bangalore, India, Priyan Vaithilingam, Microsoft Research India, Bangalore, India, Suresh Iyengar Microsoft Research India, Bangalore, India, Y. Vidya Vision Empower Trust, Bangalore, India, Manohar Swaminathan, Microsoft Research India, Bangalore, IndiaGopal Srinivasa, Microsoft Research India, Bangalore, India

“We can go anywhere”: Understanding independence through a case study of ride-hailing use by people with visual impairments in metropolitan India

By Kameswaran, Vaishnav, Robin Brewer, Tiffany C.E. Veinot, Jatin Gupta, Joyojeet Pal, Sile O’Modhrain, Aakanksha Parameshwar, Vidhya Y, an, et al. 2018. “‘We Can Go Anywhere’: Understanding Independence Through a Case Study of Ride-hailing Use by People with Visual Impairments in Metropolitan India.” Proc. ACM Hum.-Comput. Interact., 2(CSCW): 85:1-85:24.

Creating an Accessible Technology Ecosystem for Learning Science and Math: A Case of Visually Impaired Children in Indian Schools

Co-authored by Supriya Dey, Vidhya Y, Mounika Neerukonda, Suprgya Bhushan and Amit Prakash which has been accepted for presentation at the MCHV-INAIS Workshop on “Being (more) human in a digitised world” held at IIM Calcutta campus on February 1st and 2nd, 2019.