Science and Mathematics sessions

VE facilitators revised the Science and Math concepts from the student’s previous grade to reinforce their learning so that the children are prepared for school when it reopens.
It is mostly an interactive session in which concepts are discussed with the students over a conference call or through an online platform, combined with different mode of instructions such as sharing audio and video recordings.

Every day two sessions are conducted for about 20 minutes each to discuss the concepts and related activities. The first session is used to teach the children and provide them with activities they can do at home during the day. VE Teacher Instruction Kits are followed for the concepts and for the activities. Suitable modifications are made as per the materials/resources available in their homes. The afternoon session is used to discuss the activities the children have performed and clarify any doubts they may have.

Advance planning is an integral part of these sessions to make the concepts relatable and easy to follow and create the home assignments to be done by the child post the session. Students share their work with us in the form of video recordings, audios and/or pictures.
The guardian’s engagement is vital for some of these sessions to help the children to execute their activities. For example, guardians can help them in collecting different kinds of leaves and roots to understand the concept of monocot and dicot plants or playing games to reinforce the numeracy concepts of odd and even numbers.