STEM EDUCATION – The need for it to be Experiential and Inclusive

Have you wondered how can science be interesting, fun, inclusive and accessible all the same time?

If so, get excited as we bring to you a fireside chat by industry experts on the occasion of National Science Day 2022. The speakers for the talk ‘STEM Education- The need for it be to be Experiential and Inclusive!’ would be Mr Kartik Sawhney and Dr Procheta Mallik.

Kartik Sawhney is the co-founder of I-Stem, an organisation that enhances access to educational and employment opportunities for people with disabilities using the latest in computer vision. Having graduated from Stanford with a bachelor’s and master’s in Computer Science, Kartik works as an AI engineer at Microsoft. He has also worked on several entrepreneurial ventures over the years to empower people with disabilities, positively impacting over 2,000 people with disabilities and working with 20+ corporates and universities.

Procheta Mallik graduated with Physics Honours, B.Sc. (University of New Hampshire, USA, 2005) and completed his PhD in Astronomy (University of Glasgow, UK, 2009), followed by a year of post-doctoral research. Upon returning to India, Procheta pursued his passion for science education by doing astronomy popularisation activities for schools such as The Valley School (his alma mater), before joining Innovation and Science Promotion Foundation (ISPF) at its inception in 2014. As a Trustee of ISPF, he and his colleagues founded ThinkTac, a social enterprise offering hands-on science activities and curriculum to schools and individuals. Procheta is responsible for R&D and curating activities at both organisations.

Join us for a time of knowledge and interesting insights from our speakers via Zoom!

Topic: Science Day Event
Time: Feb 28, 2022, 7:00 to 8:00 PM Mumbai, Kolkata, New Delhi
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