Sitara Team

Project Sitara Foundation is a student-led non-for-profit organisation working in the space of education. They aim to provide underprivileged children with meaningful education to help them become self-sufficient by inculcating 21st century skills in them.

The Vision Empower team is elated to have passionate volunteers from Sitara! This energetic group of young and conscientious citizens are sharing their knowledge on STEM subjects with students with visual impairment by collaborating with the educational co-ordinators at VE. Together we are confident of moving closer to our goal of high-quality inclusive STEM education!

Vision Empower conducted two online trainings for volunteers from Sitara. Nandini, Sylvia and Supriya conducted these sessions to explain the process of content creation and teaching methods used by VE. The volunteers are well versed with STEM concepts. They were provided the background knowledge on activities of VE and the needs of students with visual impairment.