An Empowering Odyssey

Finding Back the Joy of Reading! World Book Day 2022

Nibin found a friend in Audible & Storytel (Accessible & Expressive audiobooks platforms)

When I was growing up, as a school-going boy interested in reading, I searched the libraries to find books. Braille Books. To my surprise, the only Braille books available were textbooks and religious books. That surely wasn’t my cup of tea. I was eager to read fiction and science fantasy novels but couldn’t find one that was accessible for me.

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The teachers training program, Pragya 2019, conducted on the 26th, 27th and 28th of June, served as a platform for many science and math teachers in the state to come together for 3 days of learning and fun. The event offered an opportunity for teachers to brush up their skills, learn through the experiences of other teachers in the group, and also get to know one another closely, creating a community that enables its members to learn from one another.

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