Tactile Diagram procured from Raised Line Foundation (RLF)

RLF provides tactile design and production services and is closely working with NCERT, Sarv Shiksha Abhiyaan (Govt. of India), WSSCC (UN organization) and other organization working in the field of blindness to convert textbooks, resource books, manual etc. in accessible formats along with the tactile diagrams.

Vision Empower procures high quality tactile diagrams from RLF for school students and teachers based on their specific requirements. In 2018-19, VE placed orders for specific diagrams to be designed for the EVS book for Class 5 prescribed by the Karnataka State Board. These diagrams were very useful during the pilot phase to evaluate the process of diagram comprehension by children with blindness. In 2019-20, VE evaluated the use of RLF diagrams to be used for TAG (Tactile Audio Gallery) to help children with blindness to self-learn. In 2020-21, VE has procured Science tactile diagrams for students in Grade 10.

Pictures of materials we received from RLF