Play Plan : Treasure Hunt

General Information

  • Prerequisites: Reading comprehension, basic operations of mathematics.
  • Play arena: A familiar place with less obstructions.
  • Number of players: 6-8

Game Overview and Basic Rules for Play

The objective of the game is to solve all the clues/questions and be the first to solve the last clue to get the treasure. The game starts by giving them their first clue/question, after solving each clue they would get their next clue. Whoever solves the last clue first would get the treasure and is the winner of the game.

Play Session Plans:

Session 1:

  • Form 3 or 4 groups, 2 students in each group.
  • Explain to them that they have to read and solve each clue/question and after solving that clue they will get their next clue which would take them close to the treasure.
  • After solving their final clue they would get the treasure.
  • Make sure the clues are simple and include calculations/concepts with which the children are familiar.
  • Also after each clue, mention the navigation part and description of where the next clue is. For example: enter the main door, turn to your left and walk 5-6 steps and you will find a table, you next clue will be inside the box which is on the table.
  • Some children might be comfortable in moving around or in solving the clues, while some others may need some help to move or to comprehend the clues. Help those who are not being able to do so.
  • The game ends when the last clue is being solved, whoever solves the last clue first, would get the treasure and is the winner of the game.

Session 2:

  • Ask the children if they remember the game.
  • If there are any students who were absent from the previous session, ask the children to explain to him/her what the game is all about.
  • When you think the children are clear about the rules, start playing. This time sit back and only help where absolutely necessary. Let the children figure out on their own.
  • Make sure the children are solving the clues correctly. You can change the clues for each game and include questions related to concepts which are already being introduced to the children.