VICT Play Plan Challenge

Are you passionate about Computational Thinking? Would you like to challenge yourself and make your CSPathshala Computational Thinking problems accessible for the children with visual impairment?

Here is where you can start and win a prize too!

If you do not have access to the CSPathshala lesson plan mentioned below, please write to and we will get in touch with you.

You can choose to respond to any one or more of the activities mentioned below.

Please send in your play plans for the following themes to by the 3rd October 2021.

  1. Level 1

    Theme: Systematic Counting
    Puzzle: Counting Squares
    Lesson code on CS Pathshala syllabus: 01-PS-33

  2. Level 1

    Theme: Discrete Modelling
    Maps: Navigation
    Lesson code on CS Pathshala syllabus: 01-DM-02

  3. Level 3

    Theme: Algorithm and Programming
    Decomposition: Tower of Hanoi
    Lesson code on CS Pathshala syllabus: 03-DA-02