Vision Empower Featured In Wipro Foundation’s Samuhik Pahal Newsletter

After a long dark struggle with the pandemic and with a misty view of the future, schools are reopening and students have been requested to attend school. What does this mean for the community of students and teachers with visual impairment and outreach wings of organizations such as Vision Empower?

Team VE is excited to go back to the schools and eager to meet with the students and teachers after this unique online sojourn. We are gearing up for the next phase of our interventions at school. Samuhik Pahal, a monthly newsletter by Wipro Foundation has featured our perspectives in the article ‘Coming Back To School’ written by Aastha Maggu. She talks about the challenges faced and the precautions needed as the schools reopen after over a year of lockdown. The article highlights the work Vision Empower has been doing, especially in the Covid times, and the strategies to accelerate learning for children with visual impairment as the schools reopen.

Stay tuned as we bring you updates and perspectives from the schools!

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