Vision Empower Launches Braille Reading Initiative in Schools

On the occasion of International Braille Day 2022, Vision Empower launches its Braille Reading Initiative at schools.

Hexis Braille Reader
Hexis Braille Reader

It is no shocker that reading is not just a very good habit but it has the power of shaping the minds of individuals. A child develops the habit of reading when he/she is given access to literature right from the start. But when it comes to children with visual impairment in India, the gap is real as there are not enough reading materials that are cost-effective as well as accessible.

Therefore, Vision Empower is introducing Hexis Braille Reader to children with visual impairment. The teachers are being trained to download content on the Hexis device while the students are being empowered to read on the refreshable braille device that is specifically designed for them.

We are hopeful that the Hexis Antara solution will kindle the joy of reading among children with visual impairment and bring them to par with their sighted peers.

Picture Description- The first picture shows Jaya Rajesh, school coordinator at Vision Empower handing over the Hexis device to Jacqueline Latha, the principal of Government Higher Secondary School for the Visually Impaired- Poonamalle on the occasion of International Braille Day. The second picture shows Jacqueline Latha, the principal, holding the Hexis device in her hands.